Testimonial from Stevens Sebola

Malan & Seuns Expo – 14 February 2018

We are so proud of our award for Best Display that we won at Malan & Seuns expo. We are also very excited about our new product range, Garden Feast.

Malan Seuns Expo Malan Seuns Expo Malan Seuns Expo

Prize Giving – 24 November 2017

Click here and have a look at some photos from our annual Prize Giving event.


Super Maize Branded Trailer in Hammanskraal

New Signage at Bela Bela

Mandela Day, 18 July 2017

Cup Final Hamper Competition Winners

Rathoke Marathon

We were proud to be a part of the Rathoke Marathon that took place on 1 July 2017 in the Rathoke Village , 20km outside Marble Hall.

Youth Day

Youth Day, 16 June 2017: We were proud to be part of a Ladies Soccer Tournament to commemorate Youth Day, hosted by Moutse Community Radio.

Xtreme cook-up in Louis Trichardt


New price posters

Our clientele’s shops now feature these new price posters. Cup Final also now boasts a new powerful and dynamic look as you’ll see below.


Brenner Mills and Mpumalanga Scouts SA have joined forces in a campaign called, “Let’s Coin it!”

scouts slider

scouts shaya A5flyerREPRO

Brenner Mills have pledged to pay R1 for every empty bag of Shaya White Super Maize meal collected and delivered at the Scouts Mpumalanga SA head office in Nelspruit. The monies of this campaign will be used in aiding the scouts Mpumalanga members by among other, financial support in obtaining their Scouts Mpumalanga Scouts uniforms.

Posters and flyers have been put up at all the local schools in the Mpumalanga area and Scouts members have visited these various schools to explain and promote this campaign. This campaign is open to all, not just Scouts Mpumalanga members.

There’s a keen interest and bags are piling up at the Scouts Mpumalanga head office!




School Update: 1st Shishila Scout Group

We recently visited the 1st Shishila Scout Group in Pienaar, KaMsogwaba. They have already collected 253 bags! Well done guys!

Cup final comes to life with new branding!

Brand new Signage on its way to one lucky store!

We’ll reveal where soon…