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About Brenner Brands

In operation since 1938, Brenner Brands has accumulated close to 80 years of experience in the milling and staple food industries. As a group, Brenner Brands is home to leading brands such as Shaya White Super Maize Meal, Cup Final Super Maize Meal, Magic Rice, Brennco Bird Seed Range and Brennco Legumes & Popcorn, Shaya Mabela Meal and Brennco Performance Driven Animal Feeds.

Brenner Brands successfully operates 2 Maize Milling sites, 2 packaging plants for seeds, grains and legumes, 1 manufacturing facility for animal feeds and several major branded depot outlets each host to numerous retail outlets.

Brenner Brands takes great care in delivering premium products to our national customer base through modern technology in all our operating facilities and key implementation of international audit standards throughout the facilities obtaining exceptional results on all our certification processes.

Our Mission

Brenner Brands continually focuses on providing our customers with premium quality products at exceptional standards through:

·         Focus on Growth and Innovation

·         Excellence in Service and Customer Loyalty

·         Dynamic leadership and Team Values

Our Values

Brenner Brands operates on values impressed on the company by our team members and leaders.
Sharing in these values allows our company to remain connected to our customer base.

·         Consistently meeting our customers’ expectations with premium quality.

·         Applying Patience, Understanding and Integrity in everyday practices.

·         Creating an environment that is fair and just for both employees and clients alike.

·         Nurturing relationships and innovation with enthusiasm and trust.

·         Encouraging teamwork and accountability throughout the company portfolio.

·         Transparency and accountability in all actions across the board.